Marathon Training Weeks 1.5

Good Morning Friends & Happy Friday! It has been awhile (I feel like I have been saying that a lot lately, so I am sorry about that and maybe I will start saying (typing?) it less..who knows) If you had the chance to read my previous post you would have read that I am in my first ever Marathon Training Cycle. I have not updated how the training has been going thus far so today I’ll tell ya, how about that.


Originally I had intended on doing an intermediate plan that has some speed work and a different structure than I am used to following (if you had the chance to keep up with my half marathon training I had followed the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan for Half Marathons and I loved it – it can be found here). After listening to my body (something that I am making an intention right now) I have made the executive decision to go back to a Hal Higdon training plan for my first marathon and will have to do some modification to make it work since Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee, WI is on October 2nd – not quite 16 weeks away at this point.


So as you can see – there is no true “speed workout” – maybe I will get there or attend the Wausau Striders one of these Tuesdays – I struggle with it being my first run of the week and not wanting to do hills/intervals and instead doing a easy short run but who knows. I also will probably switch up my long runs between Saturdays and Sundays depending on my schedule (do not worry, I realize that consistency is key but so is living life…so we will go with what works). The other modification I will probably add to this schedule is a bit more cross training (maybe integrating it in on shorter run days or those two rest days) and what I mean is a bit more yoga and spin/cycling throughout the week to keep my legs fresh. I attended my first yoga class in far too long last night before a group Pub Run through Marathon Endurance (I love that place and I think I have mentioned it before) and it was just what I needed – it was Hatha which normally isn’t my favorite, but it worked for me. The run was so much better after and my mind felt a bit refreshed (keep an eye out for a post later this weekend that addresses the internal struggle I have and I am sure many people can relate to). After noticing how much of a difference that made on my mental attitude and also my physical well-being, it is now an intention to attend yoga twice a week. Hold me to it, okay?!


So let’s get into the recap and see if I can remember everything – the Garmin Connect App really helps when it comes to this stuff!

Tuesday 6/7/16 –  3 mile run @ 9:15 pace solo
Wednesday 6/8/16 – 2 mile interval workout Mile 1 @ 8:07 & Mile 2 @ 8:02 on the treadmill followed by a strength workout
Thursday 6/9/16 – 3 mile group run with Marathon Endurance (love this group!)
Friday 6/10/16 – a superrrrrr short bike ride due to the weather – didn’t even get a good storm!
Saturday 6/11/16 – 1.5 mile run on treadmill, 45 minutes on stationary bike (intervals), and strength workout
Sunday 6/12/16 – 9.7 mile run on trails with my new friend Meg! (we met at a 10k a month or so back and finally were able to meet up!) – we got lost on the trails and a kind Wisconsinite gave us a ride back to our car as we were 6 miles from them and fresh out of water! Thank you kind human!!!
Monday 6/13/16 – REST
Tuesday 6/14/16 – 3 miles on the Mountain Bay Trail @ 9:14 pace and walked Theo to get ice cream!
Wednesday 6/15/16 – slacked (listened to my body?) and did a little strength training
Thursday 6/16/16 – 60 minute Hatha Yoga Class @ the YMCA and 2.6ish miles with the Marathon Endurance group Pub Run.

So far, not super structured and since I changed plans it does not look that consistent, however I will be building consistency as the weeks go on. Also, Urban Sports sent me a running belt right before my half marathon when I was not feeling well to review and I have not done that yet – I will be test driving it out on a run this weekend with a complete review this weekend or Monday. (I’ll let you know this, I have used it for hiking and walking Theo and I absolutely love it, so I am pretty sure the review will be great.)

So, my goals for the rest of this week and continued training – pay attention to my well-being, get some good miles in, run happy, maybe swim some laps, ride my bike a lot, get some yoga in, and disconnect for an hour each day (turning off my phone and reading or something.) Do you ever feel the need to disconnect in that way?


Time to go walk Theo quick before work!!!

Are you training for a race? What are your goals/intentions for your training?

Have you ever started a training plan and realized it isn’t the one for you?

Anyone racing this weekend?? If so, which one!?

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Sam’s First Marathon Training Cycle

Hey Friends – it has been awhile. Not gonna lie, definitely have been slacking at figuring out a balance lately with blogging, working, living, breathing, running – you get the idea. Not that I am overwhelmed continually – but guys, it is Wisconsin and it is actually nice outside so my mind and body have been elsewhere other than instagram and the computer. Not that I haven’t been taking pictures or being active – but yeah…

Did you know I was on a road trip for a bit??

Anyway, I figured I would let you in on the scoop for my first ever Marathon Training Cycle. If you did not know I decided to sign up for the Lakefront Marathon in Milwaukee, WI on October 3rd. Rachel is also signed up as well as my friend Lacey I believe (Lacey if you are reading this I want you to be my spirit animal and make running look easy they way you do – for real girl!) so I am excited…but nervous.

(I am hoping Rachel or I will post a race recap from the Cellcom Marathon where I ran the half and Rachel ran her first Marathon sometime soon – we will get there I think.)

During my training for both of my half marathons I feel as my training somehow came somewhat unraveled for the last few weeks of training which is not terrible and I am probably making excuses for myself as to why I did not train well. To be fair – I did move two weeks without much notice mind you, prior to the Bellin Women’s Half Marathon last October and I did have an acute sinus infection for 3 or 4 weeks leading up and through the Cellcom Half Marathon without knowing until AFTER the race – but yeah… this time it will be different – it has to be different because this is the marathon guys!

Soooo – I was going to do the Hal Higdon Novice 2 plan which was pretty similar to the half marathon training plan I recently did butttt—-Rachel has an awesome plan and it has a bit more interesting training than standard mileage and I think I am going to give it a try (sorry for stealing it Rach but at least we can keep one another on top of things right?) So below is the plan I am going to to without week 15 to make it work!


The main thing I am going to do this training cycle is much more cross training and strength training. I basically gave up on that last cycle which is not good and I know it makes a runner more injury prone. The second (maybe this should be first but I am just being real) is focusing much more on my nutrition and taking the time to meal plan or prep. Thinking about my grocery shopping – making it last a week and packing meals the night before instead of 5 minutes before going to work. I am hoping it will make the world of difference for me this time around. Of course a lot of water as well – more tea and possibly less coffee (I am trying alright…). I did some rowing yesterday (see the picture below for the workout), some strength training on Sunday, and a few rounds of 30 second planks after my run today. So I am off to a good start – I would love to be held accountable by everyone on here or instagram – would seriously help me stick to my guns.


So with all of that being said – I will leave you with a good couple of running memes I have found and a few blogs you should check out that keep me motivated with my running – I have realized I have been following these ladies and their lives for over a year now and it blows my mine. Also Janae – soooo happy for you and your engagement. You deserve all the happiness in the world you wonderful woman, you!



Are you training for a race? What was your run today? What is your favorite blog you read on a regular basis?

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What I’ve been up to – Sam Style

Happy Wednesday Friends!

I was lucky enough that my iPhone decided to switch from Chicago timezone to New York timezone in my sleep – had to be to work for 6 anyway – just didn’t realize I was up and ready by 4:30 instead of 5:30 until I went outside to let Theo out…so that’s what I am currently up to! (This blog post will be a mostly random pictures from my phone and what I remember being up to in the last week or so).



I have been seriously contemplating going to this hair color…what do you all think…I have not been this blonde in a long time but I am kind of obsessed with it!


source was google somehwere – but I am obsessed!

Really loving NYX Liquid Suede Matte Lip Gloss I got it at Target (here) – I hate the stuff that comes off your lips, has a shiny look, etc so anything matte is always my favorite and this stuff rocks. Don’t mind my awkward faces.

Getting Road Rash…bike whoopsie – took a few days off running but I will be hitting the pavement (or treadmill) for 5 miles today (might move it to tomorrow depending on the hip soreness after work)

Still obsessing over my Garmin Vivoactive – (p.s. got it on sale because they have now come out with the new Heart Rate version – so if you’re in the market for a new watch I highly recommend!!!) because it is the best watch ever!
Also – the adorable athletic dress my mom & dad got me for my birthday! Planning on reviewing my garmin vivoactive and the dress sometime this week!

Hanging out with Theo on my patio – he loves when I take pictures – until I my coffee spilled everywhere last week…I was very sad about that catastrophe…IMG_1993

Running – per usual – ran a 10K this past Saturday and my half marathon is in 11 days – I am getting nervous! The next few weeks are going to be super busy with races, traveling, and other exciting events. Be sure to keep up with Instagram while Rachel and I are traveling!

Oh – also been obsessed with the foods pictured below and chopped salads. Cannot get enough chopped salads.

What have you been up to lately?

Have you been slacking at photographing your life….I kind of have been…

Have you ever gotten some major road rash from a bike/running incident?

What is your favorite running accessory?

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A Dietician’s Top 5 Nutrition Tips for Runners – Alicia Slusarek, RDN.

Hey friends and reaeders – today Rachel & I are super excited to feature an article written by my dear friend Alicia Slusarek, RDN! Her article is below – however be sure to follow her on instagram – here – and check out her Facebook page – here – if you are interested in learning more about nutritional consults for yourself – she is able to do them via skype or in person (if you are local to the area). With that being said – enjoy the article below! Rachel & I both visited with Alicia for our Nutritional consult – referenced in this post – and I will be be meeting with her again soon!


Alicia Slusarek, RDN

Eating right is key to performing well in any sport and in every aspect of life. In order to maintain your active running lifestyle, it’s important you make nutrition a priority. Consider these 5 tips to get you started:

  1. Choose Carbs (Wisely)

Forget any no-carb, low-carb diet. You’re a runner and your body runs off carbohydrates found in certain foods as it’s primary source of energy. At mealtimes, think whole (not refined) grains such as: wild or brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, millet, and barley. Starchy vegetables like potatoes and root vegetables are great options too.

  1. Eat Enough

Running requires a lot of fuel and, just like a car, you can’t run on empty. Not eating sufficiently will hamper your performance and potentially cause long-term damage and/or injury. I know you’re busy – so plan and precook food to make nourishing well easier. The whole grains (listed in #1) are easy to rinse (and/or soak), cook and store. Do the same with proteins, like chicken breasts or salmon, and veggies. It takes some effort, but you’ll experience the benefits by how you run and, more importantly, how you feel.

  1. Hydrate Often

Feeling thirsty? You’re actually already dehydrated. Keep a water bottle with you throughout the day and make a plan to stay hydrated during your runs. Carry a water bottle with you or hide bottles on your route beforehand.

  1. Train Like Race Day

Establish a routine and stick with it on race day. Do this by being mindful of your typical food choices and the times you eat them. Former collegiate runner, Alex Kimble, agrees and thinks that, “people who try new or different foods on race day can run into problems”. Pun intended. About an hour before a race he chooses “eggs, cereal, or sometimes a bagel” and stays away from high-fiber foods. Good idea.

  1. Press Pause

If running is a part of your lifestyle, it’s important that you allow yourself time to slow down. Dedicate time to preparing and enjoying meals – you’ll digest better than eating fast and on the fly. Take care of you in other ways too, by getting enough (7 to 8 hrs) sleep and socializing.

Hungry for more nutrition insights?

Like Alicia’s Nutrition Services page on Facebook:


Need a credible nutrition guru?

Alicia Slusarek, RDN offers nutrition counseling sessions to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Email her today to set up an appointment:

Feel free to foward any questions to Alicia’s email above, in the comment section below, or our email address as well and we will forward them to Alicia! Hope you enjoyed! Also – thank you so so much for writing this article Alicia – it is so beyond appreciated!

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RECIPES: 10 Minute Egg Bake & Sam’s Bulletproof Coffee

Hey there!


Snapchat filters for the win.

As promised on the Instagram feed (here) believeandrun has a few recipes to share. As you may have noticed on any other previous recipe we have shared, Rachel and I tend to go off course when it comes to recipes – or in my case, forget ingredients so I have to improvise quite often. Anyway – today I will be covering a simple 10 minute Egg Bake Recipe (found online originally but went wayyyyyy off the recipe so it is a believeandrun original) and my FAVORITE BULLETPROOF COFFEE recipe – it is so good! Almost like a latte.

Oh! Rachel and I will be working on creating a pinterest account to coincide with the blog to have recipes, workouts, etc. pinned for ease of finding and saving to use later on!  Will let you know when that is up and running!

10 Minute Egg Bake Recipe

If any of you are like me, you do not like meals that require more prep that actual “cook” time. If I am putting something in the oven it better take me half the time to chop up than it does to become edible. So if you are like me (insert impatient always hungry) then this recipe is for you.


9 eggs (I used grassfed large brown eggs)
2 cups (guestimate) of baby spinach leaves
1/2 orange bell pepper
1/2 red bell pepper
1/3 – 1/2 onion
1/4 cup of water
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese
dash cumin
half dash paprika (because why not)
2 or 3 dashes of seasalt



1. Chop/dice peppers and onion
2. Shred/Chop spinach
3. Crack all eggs into bowl
4. Add water
5. Add all vegetables
6. Mix well
7. Add mozzarella and seasonings
8. Mix again
9. Pour into pan
10. Bake at 350 degrees for approximately 25 minutes or so – stick a fork or toothpick in it to see if the middle is cooked through

IMG_1882 (1)IMG_1883 (1)

Then Eat!



Super simple so here it is in the fewest words as possible.

Make Coffee (I use Aldi Fair Trade Medium Roast), put in blender with creamer (I use coconut milk french vanilla creamer) and dash of soy/almond milk if you like, add teaspoon or so of coconut oil and blend.

You will not regret it!


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Bittersweet 20

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend!

Me, well my weekend is still rolling so what better way to spend it than blogging  a little –finally. Yup, it’s been awhile but don’t worry I’m back in action now 🙂

So yesterday was a huge day in my marathon training. I ran 20 miles, that’s right….20 freaking miles! My longest training run to date and it KICKED MY ASS. I mean, I’m sure 20 miles would have kicked anyone’s ass unless they’re a well seasoned runner or ultra marathoner (which is my dream to become someday) so I’m not worried one bit about completing 26.2. It’s coming up quick though–only 3 more weeks until race day! Ahhh, it’s crazy how all this is becoming reality. All the hard work I’ve been putting in since late December is showing, and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. I went from running a low 9 minute mile to mid 7 ‘s on a good day, and low to mid 8’s as my average pace! The amount of self reward is out of this world — and it’s the best feeling knowing I’ve created that. I’m definitely capable of more than I could have ever imagined. Seriously, I just recorded my miles for April and I ran a whopping 69 miles! That’s insane. What’s more insane is that I feel like I didn’t run enough (struggles of being a crazy runner) but hell, 69 miles is far. Putting that into perspective, that’s me running to Green Bay and back with STILL having miles to spare! It’s crazy to think about, and I absolutely love it. I can’t thank my body, especially my legs and feet, enough for carrying me this far. Without a doubt I’ll be dedicating the next couple days to rest and nurture so I can power through the rest of my training. My goal is to run 26.2 in 4 hours or less and at this rate, I think I have a good chance of that!

Last weeks miles leading up to Sunday’s 20

I’ve been recovering from a nasty cold so I’ll be honest, I did skip my 10 long miles to prepare myself for yesterday’s 20 but that’s ok. It doesn’t pay to become discouraged. Running isn’t meant to be perfect. We’re all going to have good days and bad days, there’s no way around it. I mean,  you could stress about it but honestly it’s not worth it — at least to me. Every day is a new day. We as runners need to live in the present, not dwell on past or future miles. If I did that then I’d really be a crazy runner — crazier than I am now!

Here’s what I ended up running last week to prepare myself for my 20 miler (as seen on Instagram) :

File_000 (31)

Tuesday I ran a super fast 4 miles. My motivation level that day was slim to none. I had to mentally prepare myself for this one. Once I got out there I ran my heart out. The plan was to run 5 miles but I took the fast 4 and called it a day.

File_002 (4)

Wednesday I ran a comfortable 5 miles. I’m so happy about my “comfortable” pace. I’m growing stronger and stronger with my running everyday and I love it. What I  don’t love is that I have to wear my cold gear in spring, ughhh. That’s Wisconsin weather for you though. I’m starting to give my Launch’s another chance as well after they killed my feet during my 16 miler. Our relationship is becoming stronger as well 😉

File_001 (7)

Ran these 3 music-less miles before work on Friday. I also refrained from looking at my Garmin (something I always catch myself doing) and my splits were better than I expected! I was able to regroup on this run which is something I needed. I’m going to dedicate one run a week to this from now on.

20 Miles – Recap

Running long distance is a huge commitment, especially 20 miles. Once you start, there’s no turning back — at least in my book. This is the exact reason why I was dreading this run more than anything. I was so nervous. Did I pack enough? Was I fully prepared? Will my legs give out? What if my phone dies again? These were the questions and fears I had streaming through my mind before I went out. I think any runner has their fears though. We all want to do our best, and we all want to finish. I  mean, I don’t necessarily have doubts when I run say 5 miles but 20….yeah that’s a little more intimidating. However, there’s a point where you just have to put all those doubts and fears in the garbage. If you didn’t, well then 20 miles would NOT be possible. It’s all mind over matter!

Pre- run fuel

File_000 (32)

I’ll admit, I don’t normally know what to eat before runs. I figured I’d give a couple bowls a try — no complains! I also had a banana, water, and coffee.

What I packed:

File_001 (6).jpeg

Normally I run with popular running essentials such as honey stinger waffles or chews but today I wanted to try something different. When you live in a small village all those running essentials are out of reach, so I settled with some items at a local grocery store. The chews were from my last run, however the fig bars and apple sauce really did work wonders. I’ll definitely be packing both again for future runs.

Running 20 Miles:

Ok, let’s get this straight. Running 20 miles is not easy. It’s hard. Probably the hardest thing I’ve ever thought about doing and accomplished in my life. Actually, I take that back. IT WAS THE HARDEST THING I’VE EVER DONE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. They were ugly miles, but they were also raw. The experience alone was incredible. Just knowing that my body could carry me that far was and still is mind boggling to me.

When I first started running I paced myself at a lower to mid 8 minute range. This didn’t scare or concern me one bit considering that’s becoming my overall average pace. I started out running from my house, out of the town I live in, against traffic on the hwy, through a small village before Manitowoc County, down another hwy against traffic, through a round about, and down a few more miles until I came to the Manitowoc water tower. At this point I was a little winded–literally. The wind SUCKED. I was mainly running with the wind for those first 9 miles, but depending where I was I could feel it somewhat against me.

These were my first 9 mile splits before I turned around: 8:25, 8:08, 8:16, 8:22, 8:17, 8:21, 8:23, 8:21, 8:27

As soon as I turned around I knew I was in trouble. THE WIND WAS HORRIBLE. I thought it was bad on the way there but oh no, was I wrong. This wind only got worse. I felt like I was running in place half the time. To make matters even worse, I was wearing short sleeves and shorts because it was 54 degrees outside (that’s warm for Wisconsin). So I was running against the wind, freezing, chaffing, and soon to become water-less. Yup, that happened. I was without water when I reached mile 11. When I stopped my watched and reached for my phone to call my boyfriend I realized it had died (go figure) so I was screwed. Luckily I was only a few miles from my mom’s so I had to make a slight detour. The detour actually worked out perfectly because I was short a few miles in order to reach 20 by the time I got to my house.

So as I’m running to my mom’s the wind just kept increasing. I’ve never wanted to quit running, but I was very tempted that day. The resistance made it exhausting, and with no water I was somewhat panicking. I only had 2 miles to go before I reached her house. Those 2 miles felt like they took FOREVER.

As soon as I got there my mom said to me “are you sure you don’t want a ride home?”. Seriously, I was sooo tempted. It hurt to say no, BUT I didn’t want to give up. Giving up on my 20 would mean that I could give up that easy on my marathon — and  I refuse to take the easy way out. I hurried up and filled my pack, got a cliff bar and long sleeve shirt from my awesome brother, put some baby powder on my chaffing arms, and was on my way.

I never used to be a fan of stopping while I run, but I’ve realized that it’s impossible not to at some point. However, I now know why I didn’t like doing it….my legs were like bricks! Getting back into the groove was extremely difficult but I somehow managed. The wind at this point was stronger than ever. There were a couple times I screamed out loud at it. Mentally I was drained. Physically I was drained. I remember being at mile 17 and feeling like I couldn’t go anymore. Running crazy miles like this really messes with your mind. One moment I’m happy that it’s almost over, the next I’m pissed because it sucks, then I’m almost in tears because it hurts, and then I’m back to being motivated, my music starts to become annoying, and yet some how my legs keep trucking through. Stopping at this point was not an option- I wouldn’t allow it. I mean, I really didn’t have a choice considering my phone was dead so I couldn’t call for a ride, but that’s besides the point. When I hit mile 19 I was practically limping. I tried running faster but my legs wouldn’t move the way my mind wanted them to. I swear, I was about 2 steps away from hitting my wall. But…..somehow I did it, and I’m still in disbelief. I RAN 20 FREAKING MILES – like seriously, who does that!?

Even though the wind was kicking my ass I still somehow pumped out some fast times on the last 11 miles : 8:57, 8:56, 8:38, 8:36, 8:55, 8;37, 9:01, 8:58, 9:36, 9:09, 9:18

File_000 (33).jpeg

I took this picture before my run so it’s a little deceiving. Figured it would be a little more pleasant to look at vs. my face after my run 😉

These 20 miles were a real eye opener. Bittersweet for sure. I’m seriously so proud of myself BUT I know it will only get harder from here. All I can do is crush my next 3 weeks of training and keep that motivation level high. I know I can do this. 26.2 – BRING IT!

Thanks for reading my bittersweet 20 mile recap. Have a great Monday, and continue crushing those goals!

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Sam & Rachel are going West

Happy Saturday Friends – this is going to be slightly different than the normal running, eating, update posts that are typically found on the blog. Rachel and I have some exciting new regarding our upcoming trip out west!

First of all, Rachel and I have never taken a trip together – so this is exciting for that reason its self. Second of all, I have not been on a trip in about two years (last trip was a road trip to Colorad0 – you could say I have a thing for road trips) so that in itself is incredibly legit. Third – it will be the week after I run my second half marathon and Rachel runs her first “race” being the marathon. (We figured it would be a good time to head out West due to taking some time off of running for both of us before beginning the next training schedule and being over Memorial Day weekend.)

Our Plan

The plan for the trip is to leave Friday, May 27th and return Sunday June 5th (or possibly June 6th). That gives us somewhere around 10 days round trip to see the mountains, hike some trails, and explore. In my opinion, the best way to travel is without an itinerary and as cheap as possible – that being said we will be tent camping! Both of us are not fans of creepy crawlies – (read – we both have grown up in Wisconsin which lacks pretty much anything poisonous for the most part and extremely large insects) so we may end up sleeping in the car at some point. Packing minimally – may run a time or two but for the most part we will be cooking over campfire, swimming where we can, and enjoying nature. Also – definitely planning on stopping at some of Hungry Runner Girls recommendations “if you are ever in Utah” – Park City being a must.


So – with that being said – Rachel and I are kind of winging this trip however are definitely looking for some recommendations of some National or State Parks anyone has had good experiences in tent camping – we have a few in mind but recommendations are definitely appreciated. Below are a few places I would like to see – Rachel probably has a few of here own but for now these are Sam’s Must Sees (or Want To Sees).

Salt Lake City Skyline

Denver, Colorado


Rocky Mountain National Park


Park City, Utah


Zion National Park – Utah


Arches National Park – Utah


Jordanelle State Park – Utah

Any Advice or Recommendations would be greatly appreciated! We are so excited and I honestly cannot believe it is less than a month away – sometimes you just have to adventure. I sure will miss Theo during those almost two weeks but I know this trip will be more than worth it.

Another update: I know the blog has been somewhat lagging as of late but I am working on a schedule to coordinate with Rachel. We will be back in action / posting more frequently starting this week so no worries! With Rachel’s trip, my long work weeks the past two weeks it has been hard – but we are back.

If you have yet to follow us on Instagram – here – below are a few pictures from the recent weeks! (My pace has been getting better so I am excited!)


Birthday weekend Run with Rachel and Faith

IMG_1596 (1)

Lake DuBay – Wisconsin

IMG_1659 (1)

Birthday Flowers – I am 24!

IMG_1590 (1)

Four miles after recovering from a killer cold!


Fast Three Miles!


Saturday Miles!

Well! That is all I have for the day! Tomorrow I have a 10 mile run planned and Rachel has a 20 miler – keep and eye out for her recap!

Send some recommendations our way please!

What does your Saturday run look like!?

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